Disclaimer: This article describes videos made by Sunshiny and Honerabel Rosemray exclusively

"Sunshiny, who is A Garbage, copies fucking fanfiction, StupiD Idioet" - Sunshiny

The Great Powerpuff Chats, also known as Powerpuff Chat/Story, PPG and RRB Chat Story, and The Bane of HonerableSunshineRedmaryPants19's Existence, was a series of videos on Youtube created by stupid little children who had too much time and not enough talent. The videos featured various shallow plot lines and horrendous original characters relating to the hit TV show Powerpuff Girls, which technically speaking is almost identical to Club Penguin. The videos were subsequently discontinued when the creators decided to look for lives. They evidently never found any.

On occasion the videos would deviate from their standard material and feature penguins. Go figure.

On a related note, they spent a lot of time making original characters they never really used (Sunshiny especially), though they were not very original due to the fact that they were recolors of existing images of the Powerpuff Girls, which are pretty easy to draw in the first place. Why was it so hard. I don't get it. I mean, it's just a bunch of fucking circles, dude.

Sunshiny used Windows Movie Maker while Honerabel Rosemray used Sony Vegas. Sunshiny, like the vacuous fucking butter sock they are, tried to torrent that program once and their laptop got pumped full of viruses. Nice job, asshole.

Contrary to Sunshiny's belief, Honerabel Rosemray's chats were all made with Windows Movie Maker. XP for most of them. Sunshiny's pie hole is a lie hole.

Sunshiny, is, quite frankly, shocked at this reveal. Except not really. We're all garbage deep down, aren't we? Such is life. WHat was this page about again


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