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GARY is a snail. His dream is to be the faster than ROCKHOPPER. Taco brother Bob Esponja owns him.

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The truth about GARY! Edit

GARY is actually a penguin. He joined on Apr 1 2008. He often eats Fish Pizza with extra cheese and anchovies. He reported ROOKIE because ROOKIE told him to. His full name is GARY THE GADGET GUY.

Blue Penguin 1
GARY THE GADGET GUY is wearing a lab coat!
Vital statistics
Position EPF agent
Age 8 years
Status Alive as of Apr 1 2008, banned as of Jan 1 2010, Jan 2 2012, and Jan 3 2014, revived as of Jan 1 2011, Jan 2 2013, and Jan 3 2015
Physical attributes
Height 1yd 0ft 5in, 1m 0dm 4cm 1mm 400μm
Weight 35kg, 3qrt 2lb 2oz 9.4208dr

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