Fart SmoothiesEdit

Fart Smoothies are what pookies, preps, noobs, and weirdos drink. They take fart by going up to a penguin tooting, taking Gary's Gas Solidinatorinator and catching the fart in it. They wait 83463438732497210857359746203923127973458207843205608501824 milleniums and negative 8745902 seconds, then take puffle poop, Rockhoppers spit cream, and Gary's Failed Blenderinator 9674, and blend them together, pour them in a dead puffles body, shake it, take a dirty straw, and drink it. 

Fart Smoothie LoreEdit

whoops looks like im not writing about fart smoothie lore im actually here to address the fact that this entire website is one big trashpost and no one has done a thing about it

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