The Fart Emote is one of the earliest and best emoticons in Club Penguin.
It can be triggered by pressing "E" and then "T", which makes your penguin to use a fart emoticon and also makes you fart in real life because Club Penguin is real life. Also, there is a chance of 33.3% that the heads all the penguins in a radius of 1.66 penguin flippers from your player will explode, which results an instant death.[1]

TraceTracker 100

A simulation of the fart radius around a typical penguin


  • Players with a Level-2 Membership or higher can use an upgraded version for this emoticon, which increases the fart radius and the possibility to kill penguins with it.
  • Member EPF agents can use the TraceTracker 3000, which increases the fart-to-induce-head-explosion radius 2.33 penguin flippers.

Sources and ReferencesEdit

  1. With an exception of a few recorded cases where the vital parts of the brain survived the explosion.

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